About Flowers by Sureyya

Our Mission
Our mission is to give every client the ultimate experience of luxury gift giving. Using only the highest quality flowers and materials, we tailor every order to best meet our customers’ wishes. With our stunning floral arrangements and unique personalisation, we guarantee that your gift from Flowers by Sureyya will be truly unforgettable.
An interview with Sureyya: the woman making any occasion one to remember:
  1. I want my Instagram profile to make people feel… the love. I believe that only the best is good enough for the special people in your life. And why wait for a special occasion? I’m all about surprising and spoiling loved ones ‘just because’. Life’s too short to not celebrate your loved ones everyday.
  2. Growing up, my dream career was to be… a flight attendant! Had I been just 2cm taller, I might have spent my life whizzing around the world. Instead, I was lucky enough to find my true calling in life when I became a professional florist.
  3. My style icon is… Their clothing and accessories embody the essence of my flowers: luxury, chic and elegant.
  4. My dream holiday destination is… The country is home to lots of orchids, lotus and frangipani, three of my favourite types of flower.
  1. The song that gets me on the dance floor every time is… ‘All Night Long’, by Lionel Ritchie. Of course!
  2. My number one party tip is… Always plan ahead. Our preserved roses can last over a year, making them the perfect gift to order in advance; taking all the stress out of planning the perfect gift.
  3. My must-have party decoration is… Unsurprisingly, flowers! No party is complete without them. Whether fresh or preserved, flowers bring that extra special edge to any event.
  4. My favourite cake flavour is… red velvet. I think there is something particularly luxurious about it and nothing beats that gorgeous colour.
  1. I would describe my business as… an unforgettable gifting experience.
  2. In three words, I would describe my brand as… luxurious, beautiful and memorable.
  3. I was inspired to start my business because… of my all-consuming passion for flowers. I was mesmerized by the work of Karen Tran, a brilliantly talented florist who transforms weddings and parties into fairy-tale events with her jaw dropping floral displays. My friends and family saw how passionate I was about floristry and encouraged me to share my talent by creating a premium online flower shop. And now, here we are!
  4. The most enjoyable part of my job is… liaising with customers to make sure every order is tailored to their specific wishes. This makes each delivery as special as it possibly can be. I feel truly honoured to be a part of people’s lives by providing bespoke gifts for their loved ones. On top of this, I absolutely love going to flower markets and being surrounded by thousands of flowers. There are no words to describe the smells and sites of such a place without going there yourself! Only the best quality flowers are good enough in my opinion.
  5. My business is unique because… I do everything I can to personally tailor each order to ensure they are as special as possible. I firmly believe that detail is everything, and so each boxed floral arrangement is complete with a personalised name, compliments card, high quality ribbon and cellophane wrapping to ensure freshness, before finally being hand delivered to your door.
How We Work
As florists, we are perfectionists. We have set ourselves a standard by which we will only deliver the finest floral arrangements, guaranteeing our clients beauty, quality and reliability with every order. We are also devoted to using only the best quality flowers. To avoid premature wilting or weeping, we only buy flowers from leading local suppliers to ensure that we get the highest quality roses all year round.
At Flowers by Sureyya, we are committed to providing an exceptional gifting experience for you and your loved one. We welcome all requests and feedback; please get in touch with us at info@flowersbysureyya.com.au.

"Don’t wait for a special occasion to show you care - surprise your loved one with a signature Flowers by Sureyya boxed bouquet. Just because."