Forever Blooms

The gift that keeps on giving. Forever Blooms are a unique arrangement of premium dried preserved flowers and grasses that will last for years to come. Each gorgeous arrangement includes a carefully curated selection of botanicals such as Hydrangea, Amaranthus, Magnolia Pods, Roses, Palm Spears, Scabiosa, Billy Button, Tail Reed, Leather Fern, Ming Fern, Pampas grass, Wheat, Gypsophila, Ruscus and more.

Perfect as a gift or for decorative purposes in your home or office; each arrangement comes in an exquisite ceramic vase* and will be as beautiful as the day you receive them for years to come. Fantastic for any celebration or gifting occasion – whether it be an engagement, wedding, birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, baby shower, Valentine’s Day or corporate gifting for staff and clients.