What are Forever Roses?

What are Forever Roses?

It was Shakespeare who wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” At Flowers by Sureyya, we couldn’t agree more: whether you call them forever blooms, preserved roses or long-lasting roses, the concept is roughly the same. A rose is a rose - and don’t they smell and look sweet!

However, when it comes to a premium gift-giving experience, which type of flower arrangement do you give to a loved one (...or for yourself)? With so many varieties out there, it can be confusing. We’re here to explain the different types of products within our real flower collection so you’ll know the right one to purchase when the time comes.

Enchanted Roses

Just like the rose from our favourite Disney movie, “Beauty and the Beast,” our enchanted roses are equally eye-catching, unusual and breathtakingly elegant. Encased in a high quality glass dome, they are the ultimate gift for someone who loves a touch of magic in their lives. Unlike the classic cartoon however, our petals won’t fall off. They’re real roses that have been treated to last for a year - or longer - without the need for any maintenance.

Who deserves an enchanted rose? A symbol of undying love, our enchanted roses are ideal for a lover on Valentine’s Day, as a wedding gift, a birthday present for your mum - or you, of course.

Forever Blooms

A unique arrangement of premium dried preserved flowers and grasses, our forever blooms are designed to last, well, forever. Each flower goes through a special preservation process which includes dehydration to ensure they last for years. A gorgeous arrangement from Flowers by Sureyya includes a selection of your favourite botanicals, such as scabiosa, leather fern, pampas grass, hydrangea and more, in a beautiful display of complementary colours. But are they real flowers? The answer is yes, absolutely!

What can you do with forever blooms? Decorate your home or office, or give as a gift for any occasion. Think engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, Christmas, Ramadan or even for corporate gifting for staff or clients.forever bloom

Long-Lasting Roses

Similar to forever blooms, all of our luxury roses in our long-lasting collection are 100% authentic and are preserved with a natural solution. This keeps them looking fresh and healthy for 12 months or longer. Our secret formula helps to preserve the colour, shape and brightness of your roses. Choose to place your long-lasting roses in a Parisian hat box (round or square shape) or in an acrylic box - complete with a see-through drawer to place your trinkets and delicate jewellery in.

Who should receive long-lasting roses? Absolutely anyone who deserves to be spoiled! From a baptism to a milestone birthday, a graduation gift to Mother’s Day, we think everyone should have their own arrangement that reminds them of how much they are loved.

long lasting roses

Make a lasting impression with our preserved roses and flowers

From stunning boxed roses to premium dried preserved flowers and enchanted rose domes, let us help you pick the perfect personalised gift that will honour your loved one. Keep in mind that all our forever flowers are 100% real but don’t require any nurturing, such as watering or trimming the stems. Low maintenance but high in luxury, shop online at Flowers by Sureyya for a gift that will last a lifetime.