Roses and their colour meaning

Roses and their colour meaning

The gift of giving roses can be traced back to Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and China. At that time, flowers were an essential part of social customs, but it wasn’t until the Victorian Era when people began to demonstrate their intentions and feelings by offering flower bouquets. Deemed inappropriate to express one’s feelings at the time, different shades of flowers were instead attributed to different meanings - so the receiver would know the sender’s desires without having to say a single word. And we think that’s kind of sweet.

What do different colour roses symbolise?

White roses

White roses are generally associated with marriage and spirituality, as they represent purity, innocence and young love. They are a symbol of new beginnings and everlasting love. Alternatively, they are also given at funerals to represent sympathy. Send white roses for a first anniversary, a christening or an engagement.

white roses

Hot pink roses

Sending hot pink roses is a symbol of admiration, recognition and appreciation. They are a great way to say ‘thank you’ or ‘well done.’ Hot pink roses can be a gorgeous gift to present to a recent graduate, for a birthday, or even first date!

hot pink roses

Soft pink roses

Light pink is generally associated with femininity, so it’s little wonder that soft pink roses convey charm, gentleness and delight. They are the perfect colour for new love as they are much gentler than red roses. When you think pink, consider a ‘gentle love’. For this reason, they’re great to give to your best girl friends, as a baby shower gift or to your mum.

soft pink roses

Red roses

The quintessential colour for roses, it’s the classic “I Love You” shade. If you want a special someone to know how you really feel, this is the way to go! They are popular for Valentine’s Day as they demonstrate commitment and a deep passion. Present a box of red roses to your love to show that you have strong feelings for them, to show that you’re ready for the next step in the relationship, or even to reaffirm a lifetime dedication. Give the gift of red roses on February 14, for a first anniversary - or just because!

red roses

Yellow roses

Just like the sun brings warmth, so too do yellow roses. Representing friendship, gladness, and caring, yellow roses can also be given alongside “good luck”, “welcome back” and “don’t forget about me.” If a friend is feeling a little down, a dozen yellow roses are sure to brighten their mood.

Blue roses

Fun fact: blue roses don’t exist in nature and are a result of genetic mutations. A rare colour to gift to someone, blue roses symbolise mystery and the unattainable - which is why you’ll often find them in fairy tales and legends. When you give someone blue roses, you are telling the recipient that you think they are unique and wonderful.

Black roses

Don’t be put off if someone were to gift you with black roses: they have a positive meaning and represent major change and the beginning of new things. It is said that black roses also symbolise courage and hope. If someone is beginning a new business venture or travelling overseas for a new job or lifestyle, presenting velvety black roses to them is a kind gesture.

black roses

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