The Allure of Paris

The Allure of Paris

Chanel. Dior. Louis Vuitton. Some of the best luxuries in life really are French. At Flowers by Sureyya, it’s no secret that everything from our roses to our packaging is inspired by the City of Lights. What can we say? We absolutely adore Paris - like many others. But just what makes it so alluring? Why do millions of people flock to this gorgeous city every year?

“Paris is always a good idea” - Sabrina Fairchild

Steeped in charm, cuisine, architecture, history and art, Paris has always been known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And with Season 2 of “Emily in Paris” reportedly hitting our Netflix accounts soon, we’re feeling l’amour. 

Flowers By Sureyya was founded on the love and appreciation for Parisian design. We have incorporated this style through our personalised hat boxes, and we continue to be inspired by French designers. Here’s why Paris has stolen our hearts...

  1. Paris is stunning at every turn

Equal parts fresh and timeless, the cobblestone streets of Paris give it an old-world charm. However, there are modern touches everywhere. Glamour can be found at every lamp post, on the shop signs, and along the sidewalks. You really need to immerse yourself in it to see how beautiful the city is. 


  1. The landmarks are iconic

Arc de Triomphe. The Louvre Museum. Notre Dame Cathedral. Versaille. And perhaps the most famous of all: the Eiffel Tower. You might visit Paris for the culture, but you’ll stay for the architecture. After all, the Eiffel Tower is a truly incredible sight to see. Made entirely of wrought iron and considered ‘crazy’ at the time of its construction because it didn’t look like other traditional buildings, a petition was even filed to remove the Eiffel Tower! We’re glad it stayed, making it one of the most instantly recognisable buildings on earth.  

Eiffel tower

  1. The history is revolutionary - literally

Boasting opulent palaces, breath-taking artworks and architectural remnants preserved from the Renaissance period, Paris is a goldmine of good finds for historians and art enthusiasts. There’s not many cities that can claim to be the birthplace of The Enlightenment, the French Revolution, and the gothic style of architecture. 

  1. The designers

At Flowers by Sureyya, we’re obsessed with looking good, and nobody knows style better than the French. From Dior and Chanel (the latter invented the LBD!) to Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Balmain, Givenchy, YSL, and Jean Paul Gaultier, these French designers made a huge impact in the fashion industry - both in the past and present. We are forever inspired by their ability to create masterpieces that are practical yet chic from head to toe. After all, the French have enjoyed a long and distinguished history in fashion (Marie Antoinette and her exaggerated gowns, anyone?) 

luxury roses

  1. The food is irresistible

French cuisine is unlike any other. For one, who would have thought to drench snails in garlic and call it a delicacy (If you haven’t tried it - trust us: it’s incredible!) or eat frog’s legs (again, amazing.) As for the mouth-watering desserts, there’s chocolate soufflé, crème brûlée, éclair, mousse, tarte tatin, and crêpes. Ooh BRB - we’re going to UberEats some divine dessert right about now!

But it doesn’t end there: we’ve even adopted cooking techniques into our lexicon, such as flambé, braise and sautée. Then, of course there’s phrases that we use in the English language like sommelier (“wine waiter”), cordon bleu (to mean “first-class cook”) and connoisseur (“an expert judge in matters of taste”). So iconic.

“Paris is not a city; it’s a world” - King Francis I

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